Snowed in, but had to get out

I could not let this little bit of snow keep me couped up in the house all day. Luckily, Charlotte only got about three inches of snow. This was enough to shut many things in the city down. The thawing, and re-freezing of the roads made the driving hazardous.

After staying in on day one, I was already getting cabin fever, so I ventured out with my point and shoot camera.  I went to have some breakfast and coffee (that was my excuse) at one of my favorite spots #amelies.  

After breakfast, I slushed my way towards home, but I stopped by the Charlotte Museum of History. Behind that building I saw a path of untouched snow leading to it; my seven ton subject for todays #343project.

Here is the American Freedom Bell. This bell is larger than the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. It weighs 7 tons, is 7 feet tall, and also happens to be 7 feet wide. The bell was given as a gift to the people of Mecklenburg county many years ago. Please keep following, and leave your comments. #343project day 2.