The best part of waking up is to a Smelly Cat!

It has been many years since the coffee craze struck. We find that people will stand in line for a latte, a mocha, or even a frappucino.  The great marketers in Seattle seemingly have almost made it mandatory that we get a white cup with the green “Siren” on it everyday.

Call me bucking the system, but today I returned to one of the local java spots to get my cup of Joe.  While looking for something interesting for you to see during my daily photo quest, I took a few moments, and walked into The Smelly Cat Coffee House. 

Immediately, I noticed a coffee roasting machine inside the store.  I saddled up to the coffee bar and started talking to the owner Cathy Tuman. As Cathy was roasting the raw green coffee beans, she explained the roasting process to me.  I peppered her with questions, and she gladly took me to coffee roasting 101 class.

I learned that Smelly Cat is the only coffee house in Charlotte that roasts their own beans.  Also, Smelly Cat is the oldest coffee house in town.  There was an older company in Dilworth, that went thru an ownership and name change, which thrust the cat into the oldest of the originals. Located in the NODA district at 514 E. 36th street, I encourage you to visit Cathy and her team to get schooled on something that so many of us love. Subscribe and follow my journey. #343project.