Waiting on news from a friend

Going to the post office can be a benign event, but to some it may have more meaning.  As I went today to pick up my daily mail, I thought about the thousands of mothers and dads around the country looking to hear of news from a loved one.  A son or daughter in a far away place could be sending a letter home.  A care package of cookies, sweets, goodies, and toiletries can be sent to our military personnel in Iraq, or somewhere else overseas who are fighting to protect people’s freedom abroad.

As I journey through this #343project, it may be revealing to me the “back story” to some of the things and tasks that we perform everyday, that we give very little thought to.  I’m sure the “mail call” that our military personnel get while away means a whole lot more to them than we may think.  Suggest to me some things that seem insignificant to you,  that may mean a whole lot to others.  My eyes and ears are open to learning and seeing more.  Make your mom proud.