Getting by with a little help from friends

Help.  We all need a little help from friends sometime.  There are times where we are too full of pride to accept help, but it is still quite evident that we need it.  Help can come in many forms; through volunteering, monetary, food,  or even labor.  Well, one of the perks of my wife Pam flying has been overnighting in many hotels around the country.  Although she may not use the shampoo, soaps, and lotions that are provided in the hotel, she brings them home.

There are many places throughout Charlotte,  (and even in your city) that are always in need of toiletries.  Non-Profits, Homeless shelters, and Battered women’s shelters are always on the lookout for donations that can be put to good use.  Many times, these essentials are not reflected in the budgets of these types of organizations, so every month we contribute to a cause in need.  Find a cause where you are, and give, serve, or donate.  Don’t just wait until the holidays, but remember those less fortunate need help all year round. #343project