Not all heroes wear a cape

We can all agree that one needs a certain level of grit to be a firefighter and put oneself in the path of flaming danger on a daily basis.  Here is another example of people who may work a job that we don’t give full recognition to until a life is on the line.

As the house filled with hot smoke,  the firefighter said he had a hunch.  He dashed into a room, and there in a crib was a 9-month-old girl “overwhelmed by smoke inhalation.” The firefighter gathered the infant in his arms and rushed her to safety.  17 years later, the firefighter attended her high school graduation.

Take some time out to thank a first responder for what they do. Police, fire, and medics deserve our thoughts, and appreciation. Running towards danger is very un-charachteristic for most of us, but inevitably what they do everyday. Give thanks to your local heroes. #343project