A Rant – Giving to the needy

For this #343project post I won’t have a photo.  I just want to rant today about what happened to me earlier today.  I am certainly not a rich man, but I will at times go out of my way to help someone less fortunate than me. There are times where circumstances happen in our lives that are beyond our control; sudden death or illness, or downsizing and losing a job.   GOD, hears all, knows all, and can fix anything.  But one thing that I learned early is that “GOD don’t like ugly”.  Not being sure where Karma comes in on this rant, but here is my story…

Since Pam was home from her trip, and enjoying her time off, I offered to go to the local bakery and get one of the muffins that she likes.  As I approach the bakery, I notice a fella sitting out front.  In a low voice he whispers something inaudible.  I said “I can’t hear you”, and he asks for one dollar so that he can get on the bus.  I asked him where he was going, and he responds “Farm Pond road” as he points in that direction.  I say to him, that I am going that way, and I will give you a ride, then head into the bakery.

RED FLAG! He is on the wrong side of the street to ride that bus.  When I come out of the bakery, he is nowhere to be found!  Folks, I try to be charitable, but I prefer to feed you, or give you a ride, in lieu of giving money.  It’s obvious to me that the man had no intentions of riding the bus, but I wonder what “necessity” he needed by trying to sham people into giving him cash. If I would have bought him a loaf of bread, would he try to sell it?  Karma