The Return of the Boom Bap

You may not be able to tell by looking at me, but I LOVE Hip-Hop!  What is called Hip-Hop these days is rap.  There is a distinct difference between the two; allow me to explain.  Hip-Hop began in the 70’s where a DJ would find the musical breakdown on a record, and with the use of two turntables, repeat that beat to the point where that seamless beat became a song within itself.  The emcee to some degree, covered up the space between when the DJ was repeating the record. (the break).  An Emcee would say something in a clever rhyme, or create a call and response with the crowd.  A rapper, on the other hand, still uses a rhyme (in some cases) but talks about him or herself with little or no regard for the audiences participation.

On Saturday night, my ears had the pleasure of attending a concert of one of the greatest emcees to ever do it.  Krishna Parker, also known as – KRS-one performed in Charlotte at a night club called The White House   .   Starting as an emcee in Bronx, NY in 1986 with his group Boogie Down Productions, KRS-one has released 13 studio albums, and has performed on many more. Now living in California,  KRS-one brought his lyrical skills, along with his DJ and son Kris Parker II to a thundering performance in front of a multi-racial sellout crowd of real Hip-Hop fans.  The original date of January 23rd was postponed due to snow, but I’m glad I got to celebrate my birthday the following week at a great show.  #343project