Celebrating the “Big house” – A different perspective

As black history month is coming to an end, I am discovering some of the places here in the Charlotte area, that “seem” to memorialize what some slaves called the “big house”.  Latta Plantation is a circa 1800 cotton plantation located in the north west part of Mecklenburg county.

Set aside as a public park, museum, and nature preserve, These grounds are frolicked and explored year round. I can’t help but think of some of the atrocities that happened here many years ago, of which  many people have no concept of.  Although I understand the value of bringing history forward, I cannot go forward without thanking those who persevered many long, and hard days of labor.  Survivors, whose main goal was to simply make it to the next day.

I am thankful for these ancestors; the strongest of the strong who planted the seeds, created a path for us; and although not knowing, paved the way for many of the things, and freedoms that we DON’T appreciate today.  What would our ancestors say to us today? Would they be proud or disappointed? #343Project