Locks of love from all over the world

If you have ever wondered why people locked their bike lock, combination lock, or pad lock to a fence, just know that it is a worldwide phenomenon.  In Paris it became so popular at the Pont de arts bridge that they all had to be removed.

Sweethearts attached their “love locks” to a gate, a fence, or a bridge to symbolize their love. Typically, the lovers would engrave their names on the locks and throw away the key to symbolize an unbreakable love. This tradition began in Serbia over 100 years ago.

In Paris, the sheer weight became so heavy due to 45 tons of locks nearly collapsing the fences spanning the bridge.  Outside the French bakery Amelies, here in Charlotte, we have a smaller version of love locks. Check back with me to see what the status of love is here in town. #343project