Career day at school with the flying Frotographer

Today I spent some time at an elementary school doing a career fair for around 300 children. I went as a flight attendant….who takes a lot of photos on her trips (imagine that!)….LOL My goal was to show them they can can go, do, and be ANYTHING they want to be. Some came to my table knowing EXACTLY what they want to be while others simply needed a little bit of encouragement in the form of a reminder to let them know their dreams are never to big to be realized. Some of us didn’t have that adult in our lives to help to mold, shape, and encourage or to simply say “YES YOU CAN”. Is that an excuse not to be successful, no but a little encouragement surely does go a long way. I had my 2015 vision board. I had a collage of some of the things I’ve done & seen while flying along with a photo album to show them the world is big and waiting on them and their greatness. I don’t care whether or not they become flight attendants. I just want them to find what they love and pursue it like their very lives depend upon it because it does.

I promise you I met my little mini-me at last years event and couldn’t wait to see her this year. She was so funny and feisty. I think that’s why I like her so much. She is me.  Her only concern last year was if she had to be good in math. Once I assured her she didn’t but firmly reminded her that she had to graduate from high school, she was totally on board with becoming a FA. She told me today I was her new BFF. One of the other kids said “you are her favorite person”. You know that made my heart smile.