The blind date is over

There is no such thing as a blind date anymore.  Anywhere.  And It’s not just in the dating arena.  Nowadays when you apply for a job, companies routinely check you out on social media first. So, we can’t blind date in our career either. I’m sharing a few tips today on what not to do on any of your social media platforms where you have the opportunity to place your profile picture – or head shot.  Everyone deserves to have their story printed.  Hire a pro, and make the right first impression.

  • Cropping other people out of the photo.
  • Using a blurry photo.
  • Adding filters.
  • Looking too serious and not approachable.
  • Goofy expressions.
  • Not smiling or looking side eye at from the camera.
  • Being too far away or too close up to the camera.
  • Using black & white photo.
  • Having no photo at all