Choosing great locations for your photo session

Find somewhere quiet

Almost everyone has had the experience of a “photo bomber” or their photo ruined by people moving around in the background. While this may not be a big deal in some situations, for family or senior sessions this would not be cool.

When choosing a location for your photos, avoid crowded places – including busy public parks. If a crowded area is chosen for photos, you, and your photographer may be waiting for people to walk through, or answering questions of people passing by. If it is possible, find the less populated areas – like remote beaches, woods, or grassy fields.

Stay Near Shelter

Outdoor locations are popular places for all types of photography. If you live where good weather is not guaranteed, it is important to plan ahead, or have a rain date. If your session is outdoors, find a location that has some kind of shelter nearby, whether it is a store, a hotel, or a café.

Choose the correct time for your shoot

Light is the most important part of photography and knowing when the “golden hours” are will help your session look incredible. With that in mind, choose a time before 10am or after 5pm in order to avoid harsh shadows, and poor light during your shoot.

For the perfect photos, make sure to choose the right location, and always work with the professional photographers of PPT Photography who will make sure your session will be one to remember.