And now for the things not to do for your photography session

In one of our previous blog posts, we gave you a few suggestions on what works well for your photography session with PPT Photography.  Now we’ll share a few things that a camera would not be crazy about.

  • ~ Avoid light colors that approximate flesh tones, such as beige, tan, peach, pink and yellow. These colors dominate a portrait and over power the face,  and may make you look pale. White is typically a great color.
  • ~ Long sleeves are also preferable to short sleeves. Bare arms can show up in ways you might not like. Bare shoulders or spaghetti straps often may make you look heavier,  and take away from your face.
  • ~ Especially bright colors such as red, orange or pink will ruin a portrait because their intensity overwhelms the face with its reflective qualities. The color red, does work well, however, for Christmas or holiday styled photos.
  • ~ Stripes, plaids and bold prints draw the eye away from the face and do not photograph well either. Solid colors generally work better. Also try to avoid herringbone or tweed patterns. 

We hope these tips help you to understand more of how you should prepare yourself & family for an awesome photo shoot with us.