The potential is there for Concepcion – Charlotte Photographer

There are some days as a photographer in Charlotte where everything goes right.  Exposure, color temperature, location, weather, full batteries, and the perfect subject that brings it all together.  Back in December while out shooting with a buddy, we had an aspiring model come on the set and in front of our lenses.  I could even say that she came with her personal chauffeur… Her brother James. 

When Concepcion stepped on the scene, we were very impressed with her poise, youthfulness, long hair, and nice looks.  Never would we have guessed that this was one of her first photoshoots with a professional photographer.  She moved, smiled, and worked the camera to our surprise. At 16 years of age, she attacked the photo session like a seasoned veteran. Practicing in the mirror has and will pay off for this young lady.  By being able to take direction well, and moving fluidly after each flash, made for a great session.

Again, I want to thank her big brother James for bringing Concepcion out to the factory studio for an awesome Charlotte photography session.  So, on this Urban Runway Monday, be on the lookout for this young lady named Concepcion.  If you have a product that you would like promoted from haircare to clothing, Concepcion has the potential to push your business to the top!