The Ballantyne Ball – Charlotte Event Photography

Ballantyne’s annual Valentine’s masquerade ball for charity. The Ball promises the romance of Valentine’s Day, coupled with the intrigue and fantasy of a masquerade ball. And, as a 501(c)(3) charity, The attendance and support helped the 2018 beneficiary, HeartBright Foundation, provide treatment, education, and access programs for their patients in Charlotte. Each year, the ball hopes to expand the groups that they support and increase the impact they’re having locally in the lives of those who are experiencing hardship.

HeartBright provided services to their first patient group in 2003. With heart disease, diabetes, and stroke accounting for 1 in 3 deaths in the United States, and access to care being a top health issue in Charlotte, HeartBright saw a critical need to bridge the healthcare gaps for the working poor sector of our community.

HeartBright provides treatment, education and access programs for their patients that have no other way to access healthcare, as well as early prevention of these issues in our youth. With the ability to have a comprehensive wellness plan that they can use to manage their disease, patients are able to improve their health, have hope for their future, and be inspired to live healthy and productive lives in our community.