Standing above the crowds – Charlotte photographer

Fifi steps into the spotlight on this Urban Runway Monday. As I stated previously, anywhere you are can be your stage or your runway to show off or show out – thus the Urban Runway.

I was told to arrive at the shoot at 1pm. When I got there, the models had changed out of their super model clothes and back in to their typical denim comfort. The other photographers were packing up, as they stated they had been shooting since 10:30!  I must have gotten the wrong memo.

It was then that I spotted her. At nearly six feet, catching the best light in the canopy above the other models, Fiona Rose -aka- Fifi. I had met her mother a few months back, but this time I only had five minutes with her 15 year old budding supermodel before she left to prep for the Sunday audition for Charlotte Seen Fashion Week.

As I sat on my stool with camera in hand, I challenged Fifi with a stool of her own and I told her to strike a pose everytime the flash popped. Fiona accepted my charge as a fun challenge, and here is some of the magic that we created in those five minutes.