Infant photography looks cute but takes lots of patience – Charlotte Photographer

When you want those cute photos of your newborn, you have to put a lot of trust in your photographer. Firstly, time is of the essence, as you need to schedule the session within the first 10-14 days.  This may upset some of the mothers out there, but moms shouldn’t be in the room or near the baby during the session. All of the baby’s senses aren’t tuned in during the first few weeks of life, but babies have such an acute sense of smell during this time, they tend to be a bit fussy when they can smell mom and their milk. 

Your newborn baby has his or her own schedule. When they get fussy, be sure to take your time and wait. Sometimes you’ll spend hours on a shoot with the baby crying the entire time and finally, in the last 20 minutes, you’ll get everything you need.  That was the case with baby Jordan.

Typically, I ask the mother to feed the baby (fully) 30 minutes before I arrive.  By doing this, the baby has been burped, then gets the “itis” and is ready to go into a deep sleep.

It is much easier to move the baby around into those cute positions that we all love when we see newborn images when they are fast asleep. So remember, after you give us a call, relax, take a nap, and let us work some magic with your new baby bundle.