Excellent headshot ideas that could lead to your success – Charlotte Headshots

You may need a headshot if you are an aspiring actor, actress, or if you are a candidate seeking that dream job.  Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore a professional headshot may just be the necessary extra foot in the door.  There are some people that would risk landing a coveted position with a poorly photographed cell phone image…DON’T be that person! 

I have created a list of excellent headshot Ideas that could lead to your success.

  • Don’t wear busy prints, or material with branding or logo’s.  (If you don’t work for Adidas, Guess, or Polo do not wear it on your shirt)
  • Sleeveless tops create  a break between the clothes and your skin and can look awkward in photos. 
  • Try not to wear too many layers because it can look pretty distracting.
  • Pick out colors that look flattering with your skin tone and hair.  
  • Your shirt or blouse should draw attention to your face to make your headshot more memorable.
  • Make sure you show some of your personality in your headshot.
  • Your eyes are what people focus on first, so make sure they are worth focusing on.
  • An authentic smile also shows your confidence and ability.
  • Avoid too much makeup, or exaggerated eyelash length.

Once you put all of these headshot tips together, you should be a shoe in to garner that new spot as you climb further up the ladder.  Sure, you could go to the local pharmacy to get a headshot – but would it be worth the risk?  Hire a professional photographer, it’s an investment that will last long into your future.