Squeeze in a photo session when you are in town – Charlotte photographer

Back during the Christmas holiday a young college student named Carlos reached out to me on Facebook.  Carlos asked a bunch of questions about photography, and about what kinds of equipment he should get for his types of photographic interests.  As usual, I advised Carlos to rent whatever equipment that he was interested in buying, before making an expensive purchase. 

We messaged back and forth for awhile, then I asked to see some of his work on Instagram. After combing through his page, I noticed a very attractive model who he said was a colleague of his named Vanessa from school who was home for the holidays.  I told him that he and Vanessa would be great candidates for my Urban Runway project.

After reaching out to Vanessa, Carlos and her agreed to shoot with me on probably the coldest day of the winter.  We met in NODA around 11am on a sunny 17 degree day.  It was COLD!!!  Vanessa was a real trooper.  We made it a quick shoot due to the extreme cold weather. Walking around North Davidson street with a true purpose, we managed to get some awesome images.  We would snap a few, warm up, then snap a few more images.  With any luck, maybe Vanessa will be home when it gets warm, and we can really put together another great shoot for Urban Runway Monday.