Don’t forget your photoshoot manners – Photography tips

One fact is abundantly clear with most photographers in the United States…we love to shoot!  Put a camera in our hands and we get “trigger happy” and are ready to get creative. However, there are a few things that can disrupt our creative juices and ruin our mojo with the quickness; a client that doesn’t have manners or respect for our craft.  I have listed a few pieces of advice that can and will peeve a photographer that you may want to consider before your next photo session.

  • Be on time. By you being late by 30 minutes, it may delay the next persons session (or shorten yours)
  • Prepare for your session.  Come with your looks prepared and thought out. Pre-planning is key to making sure things stay on time and as planned.
  • Don’t bring a bunch of friends unless you ask first. How would you feel if you invited one person over to your home for dinner and three people showed up?
  • Trust the process. Photographers typically know what looks good and what doesn’t. You hired them, trust them.
  • Put your cell phone away.  If you are posting behind the scene low quality shots of your shoot, what’s the point of hiring a professional photographer?

By being mindful of some of the things that I mentioned,  you can easily minimize the negative things that can impact your photo shoot.  Remember a few of these things then focus on looking your best while your photographer gets the shots that will last a long time.  After all, that’s the reason why you’re there in the first place.