Wedding songs for your DO NOT play list – Charlotte photographer


The long anticipated spring season is upon us FINALLY here in the south (at least we hope).  The trees are blooming, the pollen is painting our cars yellow and green, while people are preparing for nuptial wedding exchanges.

As I was preparing for a rare Friday wedding shoot this week, I was thinking about a post from a few weeks ago – “songs you should not play at a wedding”.  Although the list is endless, I invite your full participation and thought.  Let’s help the D.J’S out with a list of a few songs they probably need to steer clear of at their wedding receptions unless they want to REALLY make it memorable in a not-so-good way!

“Creep – TLC”

“Highway to hell – ACDC”

“Clean up woman – Betty Wright”

“The thrill is gone – BB King”

“Superfreak – Rick James”

Have a beautiful day, and take some time to listen to the words next time you attend a wedding!