52 Pounds of history

These past few months have been a true challenge of faith and resilience for me and my family.  As I write this blog from 36,000 feet on my way to New York from Phoenix, AZ.

Back in early March, my uncle in Arizona was hospitalized with a myriad of conditions that he eventually succumbed to.  That following week, my mother in New York called me in Charlotte alerting me that she was on her way to the hospital.  Upon my arrival in New York, I was told of my mothers stage four cancer diagnosis. 

Back in Phoenix, not only was my uncle ill; now my cousin (his son) had a major stroke! All of these ailments fell upon my family within 45 days.  My aunt has been triple stressed in dealing with a son, a sister, and a husband all infirmed simultaneously.  I have been flying coast to coast seemingly weekly since March.  

PPT Photography has been pushed to the back burner to simmer while I have been sorting out all of these family issues.  Since these tragedies, I have figured out where my love for photography came from…My father.  You see, in cleaning out my mothers home in NY while preparing it for sale, we have uncovered a treasure trove of family photos dating back to the 1930’s that my dad had saved and stored.

To see your resemblences in relatives long gone is amazing, and it encourages me as a photographer to place even more value into documenting the histories of people and families.  I suppose that being a photographer can be compared with being an anthropologist. 

I brought an empty suitcase with me to New York in order to carry my family photos back to Charlotte.  I am now the holder of the history of the generations before me. After checking my luggage at the airport, it was tagged as “heavy” and to lift with care.  My entire past weighed in at 52 pounds. 

Friends, I urge you to hire a professional to capture more of your events and celebrations.  Print your photos and proudly display them throughout your homes.  DO NOT rely on your cellphone camera (or tablet) to capture your once in a lifetime event, wedding, or new baby!  With technology advancing so quickly, there may come a day when you cannot recover your picture or data from your device.  Remember the 8-track, floppy disk, vcr tape etc.

In summary, put a greater value on preserving those memories; not only for you, but for your families sake.