Fall is family time for photography

I am a photographer here in Charlotte. Everyday I think about photography. As I drive around Charlotte & Rock Hill, I see locations where I wish I could just insert a family, and create a great looking portrait out of what looks like nothing to the naked eye. I guess that’s where the magic of this artistic medium shines through. There are some days where I need a muse to practice with; just to be sure that my vision can be realized.

Okay, so on to this weeks blog… I was contacted by an old friend who had moved to Florida. His son was a senior in high school and his daughter was a freshman at Olympic High School. His wife and her mother were coming to Charlotte for senior night at the son’s school.  Since Florida doesn’t experience the beautiful colors of Autumn, like we get here in Charlotte, there was no better time than to schedule a family shoot with PPT Photography.  Once confirmed, we arranged a time and location for our family portrait session on the south side of town.

The day was a bit overcast and chilly (typical fall weather) as it had rained the night before, but a perfect day for a family photography session.  I arrived about 30 minutes early to pre-plan a few shooting locations, and work on my angles for our session. Once the family arrived I sprung into action with a few test shots to warm up before we got rolling.  I must say that the images with the fall colors in the background were stunning.  Folks, it’s not too late to schedule a session with your family, and I will put the bug in your ear that Christmas and Graduations are just around the corner!  Click on the “contact us” tab above, or feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.