Returning Home – A photographers reflection

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to my Alma Mater,  Middle Tennessee State University for its annual homecoming. This year was doubly special to me because with me being a Charlotte resident, my school was playing the UNC Charlotte 49ers, my hometown college football team.  MTSU, won, by the way!  The second part of the weekend was that it was the 40th anniversary my fraternity chapter on campus.

While being founded over 100 years ago (1914) It took 64 years until 1978 for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc, to be chartered on the campus at MTSU.  The chapter has seen 40 initiations of brothers added into our wondrous band.  I am even proud to call the president of my university (Brother Sidney Mc Phee) a fellow member and brother.

One of the highlights of the homecoming was getting to meet and experience homecoming with one of the chapter’s original charter members from 1978 (Brother J.T. Musgrove).  As we gazed upon the huge crowd of students, alumni, fraternities, and sorority members enjoying their tailgating experience; I asked him if back in 1978 would he have ever imagined the complexion of the university looking like it did today.  There were blacks, whites, young and old having fun and sharing their time together.  While back in 1978, the majority of the 100 or so blacks on campus were athletes, Musgrove included.

To unknowingly plant a seed 40 years ago, only to return as many years later to view such a large beautiful tree that he helped to plant, seemed very overwhelming to Bro. Musgrove as we looked over the mass of people. This caused me to reflect on the state of our country.  I began to think about how many people of color are oppressed, discriminated against, or even murdered, at the hands of police and others that it saddened me. Peoples lives are being snuffed out everyday, before their seed ever has a chance to take root.  These may be the seeds of a future President, Inventor, Scientist, or any of these college students etc.  People, we must stand up, fight, and protect our futures from these tragedies.  Keep your focus on real matters beyond the foolishness of athletes and celebrities on TV.  The best four letter word that can make a real change is V-O-T-E !